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We have years and years of experience behind us in almost all the facets of the construction industry.

About Us


Al Faisal Construction and Management Engineers (ACFCME) is a new name in the construction industry. The firm is new, but team isn't. The firm has entered the business with leadership that has strategic design, in-depth expertise and a vision for future. The firm has been registered with Pakistan Engineering Counsel as a Category C-4 firm. Moreover the company has been  registered with SECP and FBR as a private limited firm. In the very first month of its raising, the firm proved it's mettle for undertaking a challenging projects of constructing flats in inhospitable and difficult terrain of Murree hills.

In construction, we take in residential as well as commercial projects, and deliver tastefully designed, elegant and innovative solution not only in terms of construction but alongside a complete blue print of the management plan of the project is also afforded to the customers. We provide our services right from selection of the right project itself, identifying the right land and its legal transfer, departmental approvals, drawings, design, construction, handing over of the project and its maintenance and upkeep beyond the turn key stage and alongside and throughout the project life cycle. We provide marketing, sales, management and sustainability services as we understand the harsh reality of present era, not only the resources are scarce, but most of us are walking on tight rope as far as time concerned.

Our Objectives


  • To become a highly recognized company that architects, clients and competitors alike will see us as one of the first choice contractors in the construction industry.
  • To achieve this objective we believe in the following:
    • That the quality of the workmanship on all our projects is second to none.
    • To be seen for our superior management skills, professionalism, integrity and personal management involvement in all our projects.
    • To deliver all of our projects on budget, on time, every time.
    • To treat every project with the same level of commitment and attention to details and leave no stone unturned in.
    • To build lasting and successful relationship with clients and architects.
    • Health and Safety practice are maintained to the highest standards.
    • To be as energy efficient and environmental friendly as possible.


Our Vision


Adding value to customers' lives and business


Our Mission


To grow as a reliable, competent and professional Construction and Management firm by providing BEYOND TURN KEY SOLUTION AND SERVICES and developing sustainable, modular and suitably designed infrastructure as well as business solution for our valued customer.

Message From CEO



Projects are living organisms....they impact the environment......they are impacted by the careful with them......can't leave them UNATTENDED after completion..... real test starts after they start breathing.


World is changing and changing very fast. The life cycle of almost everything of value has shortened and that's why everyone is extensively engaged in his/her business or job, trying hard to make the ends meet. The triple constrain of time, cost and scope has added a new dimensions of quality too which has further enhanced the complexity of the constrain matrix. Not fully realizing this emerging trend of this era, our services sector particularly the construction industry has failed to look beyond. People still complain of bad management or in some ways; one can say no management at all in construction sector. We have a host of unsatisfied customers, everywhere.

Al Faisal Construction and Management Engineers aspires to be the leader in managing the construction projects for our valued customers. We have blended the technical expertise of construction professionals and the experience and knowledge of management and administration gurus for the best possible management of our projects. We believe in team synergy tration gurus for the best possible management of our projects. We believe in Team Synergy to safeguard the losses and minimizing the defects and mapping down benchmarks of quality and milestones of progress, all the way.

We have gone ahead from customer's satisfaction can only to stake holder's satisfaction thereby ensuring a long term engagement within and without as we are fully cognizant that the Customer's long term satisfaction can only be guaranteed if all the stakeholder's are engaged in unison and their concerns are understood and addressed right from the outset. We take responsibility for beyond the turn key stage to provide long term support to our valued customers.

We take every project as a living organism and hence plan its life cycle accordingly. We view its internal as well external environment and list down the stakeholders which can impact and which will be impacted by the project. Only then we start planing and management process for that particular projects.

Our Strengths


Our edge is combining the technical and hardcore engineering knowledge with a strong management and administrative experience, thereby going beyond the routine and beaten track approaches.

Our structure is our strength. The company has been structured as Projectized and strong Matrix firm wherein each project will be accorded top Priority and will be afforded a strong and talented team. The team will however be backed by set of skillful master minds and a vibrant leadership. So on one hand, the handling of a project will be exclusive but at the same time project will be monitored and programmed by the top leadership, all the times.

We pool up the best ones. We believe that "No one survives individually" in this era of knowledge explosion and strong competitive environment. So we have not only pooled up the best in our team as permanent members but we also join hand with other players and experts in the market to take advantage of their core specialties and experiences. We believe  on collaborations, mutual arrangements and sharing of knowledge and experiences. Our local and international partners add to the value and innovation edge, we aspire for.

Customers are our reason to be. We value customers more than anything. We want to go beyond the Jargon of Customer's satisfaction..... We aim for Customer Happiness. And there is a reason too for giving so much credence to Customer's  happiness. In our industry, the customers are generally not happy with the construction guys. Most of the Customers speak bad about the construction contractors and feel that they did not get the value of their money or even feel stabbed in the back in most of the cases. We are the good guys and will prove that too.

Certificates & Awards

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    Pakistan Engineering Council

    Pakistan Engineering Council Certificate of Registration

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    Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan

    Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan Registration Certificate


Design and Consultancy 0.00

We deliver truly impartial Design and Consultancy advice and solutions.

Architectural Drawings for Residential and Commercial Projects 0.00

Get The Combination Of Traditional And Modern Plans With Our Architect.

Roof Construction and Acoustic Ceiling 0.00

We deliver truly impartial Roof Construction and Acoustic Ceiling solutions.

Painting 0.00

We provide professional painting services for residential and commercial building

Plumbing and Electrical Services 0.00

We provides unbeatable electrical and plumbing services at competitive prices for all your residential and commercial needs.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling 0.00

over the years Al Faisal has provided superior bathroom and kitchen remodeling services.

Office Renovation 0.00

As your business grows and changes it's inevitable that the office space it occupies will have to adapt and evolve as well. We are here to make that easy for you.

Horticulture and Landscape 0.00

Horticulture and Landscape by qualified & experienced horticulturists by Al Faisal

Asphalt Paving 0.00 Visit

For an asphalt paving job to be done right, you need to have the right equipment, proper materials, and people who know how to do it. We are the professional.

Pavement Stone 0.00

We provide best Paving Stone Installation

Road Construction 0.00

Whether it's a simple curb cut or a major roadway reconstruction project, our team can get the job done

Earth Work and Excavations 0.00

We have professional team for all of your earthwork needs

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