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“There is nothing more important than a good, safe, secure home.” Constructing a living place for you and your family means a lot, no matter how small the house is or isn’t, there are always a feeling of love and attachment to it. Whenever one gets involved in the planning and construction of a house, the undertakings seem quite challenging and slowly and gradually it becomes a daunting task to go through the whole process. The different jargon’s and terminologies used by the architects and builders and host of other complex procedures take a heavy toll, other than the cost one is paying for his sweet home. I have seen quite few people suffering from anxiety and even hyper tension while they were in process of constructing their houses. Major reason of this nervousness and unease is lack of basic knowledge about the three basic constraints (TRIPLE CONSTRAINTS) which directly affect the construction work and related process. These are the Time, Cost, Scope and adding another most important aspect, QUALITY. So unless you have a basic understanding and knowledge about these important factors, Surely you will always be frustrated and nervous about how the work is progressing on your project. So as a basic guideline, I will just highlight in this blog, the basic parameters of time for a one kanal houses.

Standard Time Frame

CategoryTime FrameRemarks
1 Kanal (Two Story) House10-16 Months
(300-480) Days
A two story 1 kanal house should take a time span of 10-16 months on average.
Under special circumstances, the time periods can be reduced but it is always advisable not to rush up.
5 Marla (Two Story) House7-12 Months
(210-365) Days
Reducing under 7 months period would entail rushing up the things which is not advisable unless forced upon.

Progress % for one Kanal House – Double Story

ActivitiesAverage Working DaysPercentage of WorkCurrent Activities
Foundation Work224.58
Brick Works and Columns438.96Electrical Work
Roof Slab255.21Plumber and Electrician on GF
Brick Work & Columns FF459.38
Roof Slab 2255.21Electrician and Plumber on FF
Plaster Work306.25
Flooring Work Including Tiling/Marble408.33
Kitchen/Toilet Fittings91.88
False Ceiling153.13
Front Finish153.13
Mumty/Slab 2nd Floor81.67
Sewerage Sceptic Tank81.67
External Walls/Finish153.13

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