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(AFC&ME) is an extremely professional and trust worthy , Construction & Management firm. The firm has entered the business with a leadership that has strategic design, in-depth expertise and a vision for future. The team holds decades of experience in managing projects and undertaking civil engineering marvels in a most pr...

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House Construction – Key Step

"There is nothing more important than a good, safe, secure home." Constructing a living place for you and your family means a lot, no matter how small the house is or isn't, there are always a feeling of love...

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Why Most Construction Fail

For commercial contractors, both GCs and subs, a successful project is one completed on time and within budget. The client is happy with the finished product and the contractor walks away with a tidy profit. Everybody wins. When a project fails, it’s typically due to conflicts and issues that cause cost overruns and delays in the schedule. If...

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