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This talk is about our future architecture, and the crossover with construction. The future is changing faster than ever before. Building concepts designed today, to be built in 3 to 5 or more years, require extensive research to guarantee their future relevance. Let’s address the past, the present and the future of architecture.

From the design process to carbon footprint, clean energy and wood constructions. About futureproof engineering, meeting global challenges, sustainable construction materials, modular systems and more. The way we design and fabricate the built environment is more exciting and challenging than ever.

Dikkie Scipio – KAAN – Rotterdam
Kim Herforth Nielsen – 3XN – Copenhagen
Eran Chan – ODA – New York

Diego Hernandez – ArchDaily

These panel discussions are a collaboration between ArchDaily and LifeCycles.

LifeCycles is a new 3-day festival about the future of our cities, architecture, environment and communities. More than 40 speakers will be presenting and discussing around six themes, across 3 days and 3 stages. Topics selected for their relevance and importance for our future world.

As a stage partner ArchDaily will be moderating its own stage at LifeCycles.
For more information visit: https://stretchtwenty4.com/

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  • Thanx for this! Lot of information and Ideas

  • Absolutely agreed with her (Dikkie's) focus on quality!
    Thank you Diego and Everybody. You guys rock! Hi from Türkiye now.

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